Our 1st generation Puggles are a cross between a registered Beagle and a registered Pug. Our 2nd generation Puggles have Puggle parents. A Puggle is an energetic hound having a thickset body, a short smooth coat, a deeply wrinkled forehead, a curled tail, and drooping ears. Puggles grow to be 18-25 lbs. If you are looking for a smaller version of a Puggle we also have Pocket Puggles. Our Pocket Puggles are 3/4 Pug and 1/4 Rat Terrier, they will weigh 9-13 lbs when full grown. Puggles and Pocket Puggles are sweet-tempered, playful, intelligent, social and affectionate! You will find your Puggle to be great with kids and other dogs. Puggles are low-maintenance and family-friendly.