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Anika is reserved for Mary Jo! Anika is an adorable little Malshi! Her parents are Missy and Tucker, our registered Shh Tzu and Maltese. I expect Anika to weigh around 8 lbs when she is full grown. She will be ready to go about Sept. 30.

Birth Date- 7/30/22


**You may pick up your puppy here at Puppy Place or one of our transporters can deliver to you. We recommend:

Susan at Ladybug Pet Transport- Ph. 815-677-3381  or  Mark at Mark’s Pet Ex- Ph. 563-564-0491 Please reach out to Susan or Mark for a quote.

We can also meet you at one of our nearby airports and you may fly home with your puppy in a soft-sided carrier at your feet. Please contact me for more info about airline travel.


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