Our 1st generation Cockapoos are a cross between an APRI female Cocker Spaniel and an APRI male miniature Poodle. Our 2nd generation Cockapoos are a Cockapoo/Miniature Poodle cross. Cockapoos are noted for their wonderful dispositions and their non-shedding coats. Cockapoos are sweet-natured, loyal, affectionate, non-destructive and eager to please. You will find your Cockapoo easy to train, vigorous, clean and healthy.

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Sale Pending! Ollie is a sweet and unique 1st generation Cockapoo! He has a gorgeous chocolate merle coat and blue eyes! His parents are a registered Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Poodle. I expect Ollie to weigh 15-18 lbs when he is full grown. He will be ready to go around Aug. 8.

Birth Date- 6/13/19

$1,500.00 Reserved