Ready when?

Ready When? Puppies are ready when they are 8-9 weeks old. We take deposits as soon as the puppies are born and we have taken newborn puppy pictures.


We work closely with our veterinarian to ensure all adults and puppies receive proper medical care. Your puppy will come with up to date vaccinations, dewormings, dew claws will be removed and your puppy will have a well-puppy check at our vet.

Puppy food.

Your puppy is currently eating Pro Pac Performance puppy food, we purchase this food at a vet supply store or our veterinarian. We send a sample of this food along with your puppy. We find that feeding Pro Pac food gives the puppies a beautiful glossy coat and it is very easy on the young puppy's digestive system.

List of Vaccinations and Dewormings

Week 1: Dew claws are removed.
Week 4: Panacur dewormer, Neo Par-for Parvovirus.
Week 5: Kennel Cough Vaccination, lvomectin-treatment for ear mites, fleas,etc.
Week 6:Neo Par, Panacur dewormer.
Week 7: Neo Vac puppy shot (Distemper and Adenovirus) Well Puppy Check at our vet.
Week 8: Puppies are ready for their forever homes!

Puppies with inglinal and umbilical hernias will not be fixed prior to delivery as our vet recommends waiting to put the puppy under anesthesia until they are spayed/neutered.


Please enjoy your new puppy. Puppies are babies and will need plenty of rest, love and affection. Please take good care of your puppy and protect your puppy from getting stolen, lost and also protect it from anger and abuse situations.
As well, please provide adequate care, diet, shelter and general care including veterinary care for your puppy in the future. Please read the Buyer Obligations Section below.

Guarantee & Buyers Obligations

Please read this Guarantee & Buyers Obligations document to learn more about our puppy-health & safety protocols, and your obligations as a buyer.